dr. ken robinson

The Financial Dream Coach

Dr. Robinson developed a passion to teach individuals the importance of dreaming again and trusting God to restore them to their God-given purpose and assignment. This new found passion and revelation became the bedrock of a new chapter within his life and birthed the name for his church, The DreamLife Worship Center.  

The Author

 Dr. Robinson is the author of 5 books; Sex In The City of God, God’s House Party, Creating Wealth in The New Economy Workbook and his most recent publications, Keys to Unlock Your Financial Destiny – foreworded by the late Dr. Myles Munroe and Here Comes The Dreamer foreword by Dr. Cindy Trimm.  

The Speaker

 Dr. Robinson has shared the conference platform with ministry greats such as the late Dr. Myles Monroe, Dr. Creflo Dollar, and Dr. Cindy Trimm to name a few. He has been featured on various media outlets such as The Word Network, Fox 45 Morning, ABC Channel 2’s “To The Point” and the Grace and Glory Show with Lee Michaels.